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Gympie Home Property Maintenance

Gympie Home Maintenance Services will ensure your home stays in good running order, just like cars, houses need regular servicing, that's right, there are many items that required attention on your home, but don't worry we have you covered and know exactly where the problem areas are. To assist you in checking we have provided you with a questionnaire check list below and a list of some of the Property Maintenance Service we provide.

  • House Pressure Cleaning

  • Driveway Pressure Cleaning

  • Gutter Pressure Cleaning

  • Door Lock Repair & Replacement

  • Window Lock Repair & Replacement

  • Gutter & Downpipe Cleaning

  • Shower Screen Door Repair & Replacement

  • Shower Screen Repair & Replacement

  • Domestic & Green Waste Collection & Disposal

  • Flyscreen Repair & Replacement

  • Tile Repair & Replacement

  • Kitchen Cupboard Door Repairs

  • Fascia Repairs & Replacement

  • Gutter Repairs & Replacement

Gympie Home Maintenance Services Questionnaire Check list:

Do your doors open, close & latch smoothly & quietly?

  • If No, your door or latch may need realignment or servicing, this can be caused from house settling.

Do your windows open, close & latch smoothly?

  • If No, you may require new rollers, carriages or service, this can be caused from exterior dust build up in tracks.

Does your shower screen door open & close properly & evenly?

  • If No, your hinges may need replacing or realigning, this can be caused from normal wear and tear over time.

Do your gutters or downpipes overflow when it rains?

  • If Yes, your gutters may need cleaning out, this can be caused from leaf matter from nearby trees built up over time.

Does your tank water taste funny?

  • If Yes, your gutters may need to be pressure cleaned to get rid of contaminates, this can be caused from leaf matter breaking down over time adhering to gutter surface turning water.

Do the exterior walls of your house have Mould dust or staining?

  • If Yes, your exterior walls may need pressure cleaning, this will avoid permanent damage to your home, this can be caused from overhanging trees, leaking gutters and high levels of dust.

Is your roof and driveway showing signs of Mould & staining?

  • If Yes, they may need a pressure clean, this can be caused from air borne contaminates.

Do you have a buildup of domestic and green waste on the property?

  • If Yes, this should be removed asap, this attracts termites, mice, rats, cockroaches, spiders and other unwanted creatures big & small.

We hope this questionnaire assists you maintain your property, if there is anything you cannot handle yourself, please do not hesitate to call, we are here to help. Please check out our photos below.

Window Lock Repair & Replacement
Door Lock Repair & Installation
Screen Door Repair & Replacement Jones Hill
Garden Clean Ups
Commercial Gutter Cleaning
Residential Gutter Cleaning
House maintenance
Shower Screen Door Repairs
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